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November 21, 2014


This week, President Obama announced he will unilaterally grant amnesty to millions who have entered the country illegally. This is unconstitutional and it is lawless. His actions defy the people who have spoken in overwhelming numbers against amnesty.

I will keep working to uphold the rule of law and work towards implementing a system that welcomes immigrants to our nation in a safe, legal manner.

Please keep reading for an update on the latest in the Senate.

All the best,

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Ted Cruz

Megyn Kelly
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Sen. Cruz Publishes Op-Ed: Obama is not a Monarch

On Wednesday, Sen. Cruz penned an op-ed in Politico in response to President Obama’s plan to illegally grant amnesty. See excerpts below:

“The Constitution designs a system of checks and balances for our nation, and executive amnesty unilaterally decreed from the White House would seriously undermine the rule of law.

“Our founders repeatedly warned about the dangers of unlimited power within the executive branch; Congress should heed those words as the President threatens to grant amnesty to millions of people who have come to our country illegally.

“To be clear, the dispute over executive amnesty is not between President Obama and Republicans in Congress; it is a dispute between President Obama and the American People. The Democrats suffered historic losses in the midterm elections largely over the prospect of the President’s executive amnesty.

“President Obama was correct: his policies were on the ballot across the nation in 2014. The elections were a referendum on amnesty, and the voters soundly rejected it. There was no ambiguity.

“Undeterred, President Obama appears to be going forward. It is lawless. It is unconstitutional. He is defiant, and angry at the American People. If he acts by executive diktat, President Obama will not be acting as a president, he will be acting as a monarch…”

“If the President announces executive amnesty, the new Senate Majority Leader who takes over in January should announce that the 114th Congress will not confirm a single nominee--executive or judicial--outside of vital national security positions, so long as the illegal amnesty persists.

“This is a potent tool given to Congress by the Constitution explicitly to act as a check on executive power. It is a constitutional power of the Majority Leader alone, and it would serve as a significant deterrent to a lawless President.

“Additionally, the new Congress should exercise the power of the purse by passing individual appropriations bills authorizing critical functions of government and attaching riders to strip the authority from the president to grant amnesty.”

Read the full piece here.

Sen. Cruz Speaks for Internet Freedom in Austin

Last week, Sen. Cruz spoke at the Capital Factory in Austin, Texas about the future of the Internet.

Internet Freedom
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“Today, with the Internet, anyone can put up a website, get a PayPal account, get FedEx, and you have nationwide distribution,” said Sen. Cruz. “What an incredible, transformational, innovative shift that has empowered people—all driven by freedom. In Texas, we are fond of saying ‘Don’t mess with Texas.’ The simple message I want to convey, that we should remember, that members of Congress should remember, that policy members should remember, is ‘Don’t mess with the Internet.’ Given the freedom that has enabled this to develop, the worst thing that could happen is letting a whole bunch of politicians come in and regulate every aspect of what you are doing. The reason the Internet has had the dynamism, the opportunity, the freedom, the diversity, is because it hasn’t been plagued by excessive regulation.”

In his remarks, Sen. Cruz outlined four principles that should be kept in mind to protect Internet freedom:

  • First, we must abandon the idea of further taxing Internet access and sales.
  • Second, we should dismiss all plans to give nations hostile to human rights and democracy more influence over Internet policy.
  • Third, we must promote growth in the technological sector, a consistent bright spot for the U.S. economy. And one of the biggest regulatory threats to the Internet is net neutrality.
  • Fourth, we must recognize that our constitutional rights are digital rights, too. Sen. Cruz concluded, “I would encourage you the only way to preserve that freedom is to speak out against those in Washington who want to increase their power to regulate and tax where they got no business.”

Earlier that week, Sen. Cruz published an op-ed advocating to keep the Internet free. Read the full op-ed here.

Sen. Cruz Stands with Israel Against Palestinian Terrorism

On Tuesday, Sen. Cruz released a statement in response to the brutal terrorist attack at Kehilat Yaakov Synagogue in Jerusalem Tuesday morning:

“Evil was unleashed in Jerusalem today, as two Palestinian terrorists armed with handguns, knives and hatchets attacked a morning prayer service. They worked at close range, shooting into the crowd and hacking at heads and arms of worshippers with their axes while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar.’ Witnesses reported that the blood of the victims ‘flowed like water.’ Some dozen people, including two policemen, were wounded in the onslaught before the terrorists were neutralized, and four men lay dead. Prayer shawls and tefilin have become shrouds for the devout, whose only crime was the peaceful practice of their Jewish faith.

“Israel mourns for Rabbi Moshe Twersky. For Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg. For Rabbi Kalman Levine. For Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky. But Israel does not mourn alone, for all four were not only Israeli—Rabbi Avraham Goldberg was a dual Israeli-UK citizen while Rabbis Moshe Twersky, Kalman Levine and Aryeh Kupinsky were all dual Israeli-US citizens. “These men were not victims of a senseless tragedy, they were deliberately targeted in carefully-planned attack. The Palestinian terrorists, incubated in a culture of violence and hate, were intent on killing Jews and they singled out men of deep religious faith who would not be armed to ensure maximum casualties. Their despicable actions have been hailed as ‘heroic’ by Palestinian groups such as Hamas and Fatah that are actively inciting these attacks.

“All our friends in Israel have our sympathies in the aftermath of this atrocity, but they need more than that. They need an unequivocal statement of solidarity, a recognition that America is not a disinterested bystander in this battle. Our citizens are dying too, targeted by these same vicious murderers, and our good friend and ally should have not only our prayers but also our unequivocal support as the Israeli people continue the fight against the terrorists who have declared war on both our nations.”

Speaker Choice

Debt TrainWho Are You For?
With the general election a happy memory, now comes time to elect the third-ranking constitutional office: the Texas House Speaker. Lobbyists and lawmakers are accustomed to citizens checking out as the governing begins; in truth, citizens must be more engaged than ever.

In short order House members will decide if they wish to let backroom dealmakers run the state, or a transparent governing structure.

First Vote
When legislators gather at noon on Tuesday, January 13, 2015, members of the House will cast what is arguably their most important vote of the session. The House Speaker has major influence on how bills are dealt with, and which bills get heard.

That first vote of the session is a vote on what legislation will and won’t get a hearing in the Texas House. It will be a vote on what legislation will die an ignoble death behind closed doors at the hands of the speaker’s committee chairs, and what will get a public vote on the floor of the House.

Agenda: Stop Conservatives
House Speaker Joe Straus and his leadership team have made it abundantly clear that killing conservative reforms tops their agenda. Spending limitations, tax reform, education reforms, pro-life legislation… are all viewed with disdain by the Straus leadership team.

We know that because they have blocked such measures for two sessions running, despite a near super-majority of self-described conservative Republicans. And Straus team members have openly stated their intent is to block conservative legislation coming from the senate in the coming session.

Attacking Reformers
Just as important is how Straus has used his power as the third-ranking constitutional officer in the state to attack conservatives and whistle-blowers. It was the Straus leadership team that relentlessly attacked University of Texas Regent Wallace Hall for asking questions that revealed widespread corruption and financial malfeasance at a major state university.

Is your legislator for using the power of government to silence whistle-blowers and conservatives? That's what supporting Joe Straus is all about...

Straus Enabler
This week, a top performing freshman representative who last session championed transparency and citizen engagement, State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione of Southlake, told his constituents, in so many words, he was abandoning his previous stance and was now for the Austin status quo.

His constituents responded swiftly. Julie McCarty, who heads one of the most active tea party groups in the state and lives in Capriglione’s section of Tarrant County, described her “disappointment” with his actions.

“I believe that Gio thinks we will forget this vote, or that we'll overlook it when he does some good things, or more likely that no one would bother to run against him,” McCarty wrote. “But what will come next? If he sells out once, there is no turning back. The ‘other side’ now knows he does have a breaking point, and they just have to keep at him long enough to get him to give in.”

Whether he admits it or not, Capriglione is enabling a continuation of the attacks and retribution that have been a hallmark of Joe Straus’ speakership. Worse, Capriglione is doing so knowing there is a conservative option.

Race Is On
State Rep. Scott Turner, a dynamic conservative from the Metroplex, has announced his candidacy for the speakership. Turner has been travelling the state speaking to conservative groups. In the times I have heard him speak, Mr. Turner’s message has been focused on making the Texas House truly a house of the people, a legislative body that is transparent and open to the citizens.

What Would You Do?
What is your legislator supporting: cronies perpetuating a culture of backroom deals, closed doors and retribution, or a leadership fairly giving a voice to the reforms Texans demand?

If you don’t know today, you will know on Jan. 13, 2015, when House members take a record vote. They will be voting for either an Austin insider who uses his power to thwart good government, or a conservative campaigning on a message of reform and integrity. Who would you chose?

Let your representative know on what side you stand. And don’t forget what they choose.

For Texas!   
Michael Quinn Sullivan
& the EmpowerTexans.com Team

American Majority wins Vermont

Seventeen American Majority-Trained New Leaders Win in Vermont

17 trained new leaders win in Vermont  

Last month I shared how American Majority Vermont Executive Director Tayt Brooks is equipping hundreds of new leaders and activist volunteers for victory as they promote more limited government in the Green Mountain State.

I'm proud to announce that 15 new leaders were elected to the Vermont state legislature on Election Day. Two others were also elected as side judges. Each leader was trained and indentified by our new leaders training program. Congratulations!

We have trained 252 new leaders and activists since opening our Vermont office this year. American Majority Vermont is helping to ensure that candidates who believe in smaller government have the tools to be successful in their campaigns. We are thrilled to see these strong results in Vermont.

Thanks for all you do,

Matt Robbins
American Majority

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The Hill Report
A Weekly Newsletter from Congressman Pete Sessions
Week of November 10 - 14, 2014

While the House of Representatives has worked tirelessly to advance the Keystone XL Pipeline over the last four years, President Obama and Senate Democrats have imposed unnecessary burdens and roadblocks at every turn that have delayed approval of this shovel-ready jobs project.  Today the House of Representatives passed H.R. 5682, a bill written by Dr. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, that would provide approval for construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Senate has yet another chance to pass this legislation and send it to President Obama for his signature. It is time for the House and the Senate to work together to implement solutions that create thousands of American jobs nationwide, inject billions of dollars into our economy, and put us on a path towards energy independence. This has been a long and arduous approval process, and the time for excuses and unnecessary delay is over. 

Click here to watch Congressman Sessions managing the rule for H.R. 5682

Veterans Day
On Tuesday I joined Americans across the country to honor our nation’s retired and active duty servicemen and women for their unwavering service to our nation. Our nation was built upon, and has been sustained through, their valiant efforts to protect and preserve the freedoms that we hold near and dear to our hearts.  

Congressman Sessions at the Dallas Veterans Day Parade

I was honored to participate in the Dallas Veterans Day Parade and meet with local veterans to express my sincere gratitude for their service. After the parade I had the opportunity to meet with US Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills and to attend the viewing of Travis: A Soldier’s Story. This documentary tells the inspiring story of Staff Sgt. Mills’ experience after he was severely wounded during his third tour of duty in Afghanistan. It is a touching film that provides a glimpse into the life of a wounded soldier as well as the physical and emotional challenges that injured soldiers and their families face. Travis’ story serves as an important reminder of the many sacrifices our men and women in uniform have made for our freedom, and I am forever grateful for their commitment to protecting our great nation. 

Congressman Sessions talking with  U.S. Army Staff Sergeant. Travis Mills

Texas Department of Transportation Hearing
Next Thursday, November 20, 2014, at 6:00 pm the Texas Department of Transportation will hold a public hearing to discuss the proposed implementation of the I-635 Express/HOV lanes from US 75 I-30 in the cities of Dallas, Garland, and Mesquite. This hearing gives North Texans the opportunity to voice their opinions and get more information about the proposal. To learn more about the hearing, click here

Texas Department of Transportation Hearing
Thursday, November 20, 2014
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Highland Oaks Church of Christ
10805 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas, Texas 75238

Rowlett Mobile Office Hours
On Tuesday, November 18, 2014, from 9 am CST–5 pm CST a member of my staff will be at Rowlett City Hall holding Mobile Office Hours. My office is more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding problems with a federal agency, issues in North Texas, or any other concerns or suggestions.  

Rowlett Mobile Office Hours
Monday, November 18, 2014
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST
Rowlett City Hall
4000 Main Street
Rowlett, Texas 75088

Have a good weekend.


Pete Sessions
Member of Congress