Why Not Joe Straus?


Despite the vigorous conversation going on over the Texas House Speaker, some Texas Republicans are still asking the question: "So, what's wrong with Joe Straus as Speaker, anyway?"

The answer is quite simple.  If Joe Straus is reelected as Speaker of the Texas House, he will continue his pattern of obstruction, and Texas conservatives will almost certainly be forced to endure another frustrating session during which conservative legislation is killed while Democrat-sponsored legislation moves forward.  A partial list of reforms that have been killed and will not likely ever see the light of day under Speaker Straus include:

Elimination of 'Sanctuary' Policies Tying the Hands of Law Enforcement

Expanded School Choice Opportunities

Employment Verification for State Employees and Contractors

Expanded Self-Defense Rights on Texas College Campuses

Restrictions on Welfare Benefits to Illegal Aliens

Restriction of 'Abortion on Demand' in Texas

Strict Constitutional Spending Limits

Zero-based Budgeting

Franchise Tax (a.k.a. Gross Margins Tax) Elimination

Property Tax Reform

Protections from Tax Increases

Requiring Legislators to Disclose Government Contracts

Ending Gas Tax/Highway Fund Diversions

Eliminating Corporate Welfare Programs

Requiring Transparency Provisions for Local Bond Elections

Eliminating Pensions for Convicted Former Legislators

Simply put, a vote for Joe Straus is a vote to KILL the types of conservative reform legislation that strong majorities of Texans support.

If your State Representative votes for Joe Straus, your State Rep is voting to KILL conservative policy ideas in the Texas House.

You don't have to take our word for it.  A wide variety of media outlets and conservative groups have reported on Joe Straus' horrible record as Texas House Speaker.  A partial list:

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