Another Park Property Shuffle

In its November 24, 2014 email blast, the Richardson Coalition praises expansion of transiet residential development while the City Council executes another secret real estate purchase.  In a less than fully disclosed swap arrangement with a group identified as the Hill family, the property on the southwest corner of Renner and Plano Roads was apparently acquired by the City Council as park land.  In the process, the "rights" to build as many as 2,267 apartment units on the property was "reduced 18%", amounting to some 1,859+ units...on the newly acquired city park land.  High praise was conferred upon this deal by the Richardson Coalition, as the "right" to build the remaining 18%, some 408+ units, was somehow transferred to undisclosed locations under ownership by the Hill family.  The "concern about the appartment issue" expressed by the special interest group was less than forthcoming about the impact of the 18% reduction, or on the neighborhoods where the other Hill family parcels are located.  Many other questions remain unanswered.  Like, how are decisions regarding the municipal government engaging in real estate trading made without public input.  And, in this case, what interest does the people of Richardson have in owning an undeveloped, overgrown parcel of land that has "rights" to build 1,859+ apartments while claiming the acquisition "doubles the size of the Spring Creek Nature Area".  As many transactions by this secretive municipal government and its special interest cohorts go, the truth may never be known.


City Council Preserves Old Hardwood Forest 

(And cuts apartment allocation 18%)

Multiple goals were achieved by the City Council recently when they acquired the hardwood forest from the Hill family commonly known as The Woods on the southwest corner of Renner and Plano Roads.

  • An old-growth forest will be preserved instead of being cut down and replaced with apartments.

    Many of us have walked in those woods and even had scout campouts there.

    The Richardson Coalition is delighted that this transaction is underway.  The City Council and staff who worked so hard to make this happen are to be congratulated.
  • An important side benefit will also be consummated with this transaction.  The forest had been zoned with rights to build 2,267 apartment units on the land.  Those rights have been reduced 18% and transferred to other parcels owned by the Hill family.  Like many citizens in our city, the Coalition is concerned about the apartment issue and sees this as a step in the right direction.

This action will double the size of the Spring Creek Nature Area.

For those wanting more information, the city's website has full details: 


2015 Hero Search

The Richardson Coalition kicks off its annual civic service award program calling for public attention to recognize their Real Heroes.

Richardson Real Heroes will launch its search for 2015 Real Heroes with a kickoff party on Tuesday, November 18. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness of the search for Richardson's "unsung" volunteer heroes and to encourage nominations for the honor.

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