Charter Change Checklist

A survey of a large sample of Richardson residents shows deep and widespread concern for the process and revisions being hand crafted by the attorney city officials have relied upon the past several decades.  Recognized for tenacious defence of questionable actions by public servants and mangled, wildly plausible interpretations and applications of statutes, this defender of the public trust has been tapped to ramrod the language for the upcoming charter change election.  True to form, the process underway all but blocks any substantive public involvement, relying on long-known cohorts and cronies to play the role of representative for Richardson citizens.  Meanwhile, the bully tactics and practice of public humiliation cowers and intimidates otherwise concerned citizens from challenging the people who pledged their loyalty in exchange for a position of authority.

The unofficial survey asked Richardson citizens what modifications to the Richardson City Charter would best serve the public.  Here's the outcome:

  1. Single member district election of Council members.  Bring Richardson up to date with the rest of Texas.  Each district will elect its own representative rather than continue the practice of allowing the power brokers and their cronies to designate a loyalist for each seat on the City Council.
  2. Public election of the Municipal Judge.  The position of Municipal Judge should be elected by the people, therefore not being beholden to the City Council and its public servants along with others entrenched in city affairs.
  3. Prohibit real estate transactions involving public land for the benefit of private enterprise.  Stop the practice of using public funds and code compliance prosecutions for the purpose of city building initiatives instigated through use of secret meetings and negotiations.  Block the practice of secret agreements and decisions on use of real estate.  Release any an all records relating to past deals and transactions.
  4. Public elections for disposition and use of any and all public land.  Citizens of Richardson should not be excluded from the decision process or prevented from providing public input on matters involving the sale and use of land held in the public trust.  No second party entity, such as the Richardson Improvement Corporation should be enabled to engage in secret deals or sheltering real estate transactions involving public property.  Any property transaction funded or facilitated using public resources, including any time or talent of any public servant of the City should be first disclosed to the public and then decided through a public election process.
  5. Manditory public auction of any parcel of public land.  Richardson city officials avoid the statutes that mandate public auction for disposal of public land by facilitating and funding purchases and sales through the Richardson Improvement Corporation (RIC).  The RIC and its board of top level Richardson public officials shall not be enabled to use public funding to execute arms-length transactions to avoid the public auction statute.

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